Limitless social content. 

One beautiful lens.

An amazingly simple tool that turns your best Social Content into More Purchases. Easily feed all your best content into one display, add Annotations to make it shoppable, and watch your conversions explode. Also Scope allows you to convert your customer’s content into sales with Hashtag Feeds.

Check Out This Example Lens


1. Gather Social Feeds

Import content from every social media site including every #hashtag, tweet, post, and @account.


2. Embed & Customize

Embed your social “Lens” powered by Scope on your site. Find simple instructions on our resources page. Customize the “look and feel” of our responsive layout to match your website’s needs.



3. Engage & Adjust

Pick and choose what social networks and content you want to display on your feed. Annotate your posts to make them shoppable with a single click. Use our built in analytics to adjust your feed accordingly.


Social Content. Made Shoppable. Increase Conversions 5X.

Scope allows you to annotate any post in your lens so that a customer can easily shop any of the products shown in the picture. Simply name the product, and drop in the URL of the product page, and now your customers can discover your amazing products through your content and pictures.

With the visual appeal of Scope’s lens, you can turn even casual browsers into loyal customers.

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All scope feeds are built with responsive design. Simply put, your customers will be able to view your feeds regardless of device.

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Customize your feed to match your website’s look and feel.

With Scope’s customization features, you can easily change the features of your lens to match your website. In only a few clicks, change the font, colors, and layout of the feed.

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It’s Your Social Content – You Make the Rules

Create as many lenses as you’d like by choosing feeds to import, curate, and customize. Once you are happy with the results, simply embed our short bit of javascript into any webpage and your “Lens” is LIVE. Check out our Resources page for simple instructions.

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