About Scope.La

The Heart (And Soul) of The Matter

Winning at Ecommerce is tough. Driving traffic is hard. Paying for traffic is expensive. Finding traffic that converts is like unicorn hunting.

Scope.LA makes it better

Our company is here to help keep traffic on your site longer, click more often, engage more often, and buy more often. If Scope can #win at doing this, then Ecommerce may just get a little easier. But we can’t help you find a unicorn.

The Chain of Excellence

The Scope team came to be much as we expect our product to grow: by word of mouth. Our past partnerships, previous successes and shared passions brought us together. Our mutual respect for the abilities and excellence of each member of the Scope team has gifted this project from start to finish. Through this trust and passion, our original concept has snowballed from a simple idea into what we have come to see as our opportunity to infuse charity and a sense of community into social commerce.

Three Geeks, Four Suits and the Guy That Just Won’t Stop

It isn’t the average business model, but with four talented leaders, three technical geniuses and a virtual renaissance man, our Scope.LA team is lean and effective. We set out on this journey to help people find cool stuff online, and share it with their friends. Now it just feels like we are building cool stuff with friends. Everyone on our team has a vested interest in our success. Each of us have recognized the struggles of the small business, and we have a heart to help those that need it the most.

The Big Picture – We’e Got Plans

Social commerce is still in it’s infancy, and we know it is the future for the way that the world will transact. We first started out as a consumer facing product called Offersavvy.com, which is still “live”. What we learned was that it is really hard to drive traffic and get subscribers. But wait, isn’t every other business fighting this uphill battle? Yes. That’s when we started to consider the tools we had built, and which ones would empower small businesses, bloggers, and site owners to take more control over the traffic hitting their site. Scope is the first product of that idea lab, but the small businesses needs are endless, and we will dream up many more cool things to help serve those needs.

We Want to Hear From You.

We love community, and that means we want to hear from you. Let us know what you think about Scope, and what we can do to improve the product, and your experience.



Alex Danzberger — Senior Director & Investor

Why am I here? I’m here because I love the transformative power of the Internet, mobile computing and embedded technology to enhance our lives. In particular, I have a deep passion for empowering consumers through communities of interest and leveling the playing field for manufacturers and merchants of all sizes to reach their target consumers with technology enabled marketplace concepts. Most importantly, I believe there is a huge convergence potential for “Main Street” to succeed wildly online by engaging consumers with hybrid business models that play to the naturally social context of shopping, anchored in their communities. Whether you’re in the Souks of Morocco, the flea markets of Paris, the country markets around my home state of Minnesota or just going downtown, it’s always about discovering that perfect item, having fun while doing it and sharing the day with your shopping companions. Why can’t we have the same experience online?

LinkedIn: Alex Danzberger, Jr.



Justin Boggs — Co-Founder & CEO

BS in Business MGMT at CWRU – Finance Concentration/ ECON minor. Started Papa Santi’s pizza shops while in college. Founded Bridge Capital Partners – was a FORBES Finalist for America’s Most Promising Companies fall 2011. Currently has an annualized Payment Processing Volume over $100,000,000. Bizdom U Entrepreneur – Was in Cleveland’s inaugural class for this business incubator founded by Dan Gilbert. Founder of OfferSavvy – Social Commerce Marketplace. Currently lives in Downtown Long Beach. ZeeBerry.com- Owner



Matt Johnston — Co-Founder

Matthew has worked as a Business & Legal Affairs and Business Development executive for the past fifteen years for a variety of media and technology companies, including UVU, Inc., Lucid Entertainment, and Playboy Entertainment Group. He was a member of the inaugural Cleveland class of Dan Gilbert’s prestigious business incubator, Bizdom. Matthew received his J.D. from Pepperdine School of Law and his B.S. Accounting from Case Western Reserve University.



Kevin Raison — Chief Technology Officer

Kevin has over 18 years of experience in high tech, with responsibilities ranging from systems and network engineering to software development to artificial intelligence research. He has worked in early-stage startups (including amazon.com and Zillow), where he has built teams, software and infrastructure from the ground up. He has also worked for large corporations, academia, and on DARPA-sponsored research grants. For the last 12 years, he has owned and operated a software and systems engineering consultancy based in the Seattle area with clients distributed throughout the United States. Over the last 6 years, his interests and the direction of his company have moved into artificial intelligence and data analytics; he has recently published material describing novel methods for designing recommender and information retrieval systems. His graduate research focused on affective computing and natural language processing and their application to problems in recommender systems and natural language understanding.



Troy Martz — Product Manager & UI/UX

Troy Martz has been delivering innovative user interface designs since the mid 90’s. With his passion for best-in-class user experience, Troy strives to push the envelope with open standard technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. He has been involved in digital branding efforts with many of today’s most recognizable companies, such as Red Lobster, Sprint PCS, Dominos Pizza, and many others. In 2008 Troy designed and managed an enterprise-level long-distance telephony application, a system which now logs over 6 billion minutes every month. When not designing the next big thing, Troy enjoys living a self-reliant lifestyle by growing his own vegetables, raising animals, and producing electricity.



Ed Raison — Lead Programmer

Edward Raison started building multimedia software on a Commodore Vic 20 in BASIC many years ago, and has been at it ever since. As a co-founder and technologist with ZoomCulture.com in the pre-YouTube days he built out workflow systems and a technology platform for production and delivery of streaming video, and as a co-founder of Zingy.com a few years later he played a similar role, but focused on mobile ringtones, wallpapers, and video clips. As a UI engineer and JavaScript programmer over the past 6 years he has built many applications on various platforms, including advertising delivery systems for Thrillist.com, Elle.com, and Caranddriver.com–a site that now produces over $30k in weekly advertising revenue.



Mike McBride — Advisor & Business Development Partner

Executive with McBride Electric, led the growth of national accounts from 0 to over $135 million in sales with such accounts as The Home Depot, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, Subway, Blockbuster for over 20,000 locations nationwide.



Tim Marusich — Director & Investor

Tim’s passion is to encourage , mentor, and support young businessmen and women that have a giving-back spirit, good character, and a strong faith. He is an entrepreneur, a trainer, a speaker, and a leader/owner in a variety of businesses that range from technology to Piping to Commercial HVAC to e-commerce sites. The common thread throughout Tim’s career has been his desire to build excellent teams. After years at Microsoft, he funded BlueHornet.com and became its CEO for 5 years. After it was acquired by Digital River, Tim stayed on as a VP to oversee the transition, the earn-out, and continued growth for another 4 years. Tim is a certified Leader Effectiveness Training (LET) facilitator for Gordon Training International, a firm dedicated to bringing out the best in people.