Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I can’t get Scope to work on my website?

A: Scope uses simple technology that can be integrated into pretty much any website platform. For specific instructions on integrating Scope into content management systems, see our resources page.

Q: Is it worth my time to integrate Scope into my website?

A: Absolutely! The integration process only takes about five minutes. Even better, Scope is completely free. Head over to our pricing page for details.

Q: Can I make changes to the way Scope looks?

A: Scope is completely customizable. That means you can match your Scope lens to the “look and feel” of your existing website.

Q: Does Scope work on WordPress or other website builders?

A: Scope is 100% compatible with all website builders. Check out our resources page for details on how to put Scope on your site.



Q: Will Scope look good on phones and tablets?

A: We know the importance of meeting your customer’s needs– that’s why we’ve made Scope completely responsive. That means it will look great no matter the device.

Q: What can Scope do for my company?

A: Scope isn’t just a pretty add-on to your website. It provides social validation for your products by giving your customers a voice. It also helps retain visitors on your website and increases click-through rates–all of which translate into sales.