Placing your Scope Lens in Magento

Finding your iFrame Code in Scope

Before embedding your Scope lens into your website, you have to copy a bit of code from your Scope account. Don’t worry though,  we’ve made the process harmless.

  1. Log into your Scope account at
  2. Select the lens you want to embed.
  3. Click the “Embed” button.
  4. Copy the code displayed.
Integrating Scope on Magento
  1. Log into your Magento account and open the page you want to insert your Scope lens.
  2. Click the “Content” menu item from the left menu bar.
  3. Find the area of your HTML page where you want to insert your Scope lens.
  4. Paste the iFrame code you previously copied from your Scope account into the HTML editor.
  5. Click “Save Page” to insert the lens.
  6. Make your posts shoppable by annotating your posts. See our annotation resource here.